Miguel A. Torres
President and CEO
Bodegas Torres

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Born in 1941.  In 1957, he began studying Chemistry at Barcelona University; then in 1958 entered the University of Dijon (Burgundy) to specialise in oenology and viticulture.  In 1962, he returned to the family business, and is at present President as well as Chief Executive of the company.

His passion for winemaking led logically to an interest in viticulture, and his studies have been deepened and enriched by travelling, studying and reading, bearing fruit in 1977 with the publication of his first book "Viñas y Vinos," (Vines and Wines) which is now in its seventh Spanish edition.

Following this book, he wrote: "Vino Español: Un Incierto Futuro" (Spanish Wine: Uncertain Future) in 1979, “Manual de Los Vinos de Catalunya" ("The Distinctive Wines of Catalonia") in 1982. Later in 1984, he published the books "Vinos de España - Cata" ("Wines of Spain - Tasting", also fully revised and translated into German) and "Guía de Los Vinos y Bodegas de España" ("Guide to the Wines and Wineries of Spain"). In 1987, he published "Els Vins del Penedès" (Penedès wines) and finally took on the monumental task of editing an encyclopaedia of wine for the Spanish publisher Orbis.

In 1996, he was presented with the Order of Bernardo O'Higgins (grado de gran oficial), in recognition of his services to improve relations between Chile and Spain, as well as his contribution towards the viticultural development of that country. In 1999, he took on the presidency of the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), the same year Torres began sponsoring the Best Spanish Winemaker Trophy. In 2002, the prestigious international wine magazine, Decanter distinguished him with their annual “Man of the Year” award. In 2005 he receives the Personality of the Year award for innovation from Wine International Magazine.

Since 2007, he leads the projects of palliation and adaptation to climate change in the winery. Among the implemented actions, the winery uses renewable energies (12.000m2 of photovoltaic panels, solar panels to produce hot water and participation in a wind park promotion), has a wastewater treatment plant, has an electrically powered delivery van in Barcelona, progressively renews the rep’s fleet with low consumption cars, reduces energy consumption by insulating stainless steel containers, building underground warehouses, redesigning circuits, and using lighter and more sustainable packaging and bottles. Besides, it produces biomass from the old vines.  Among the R+D projects, the cellar researches the capture of CO2 from wine fermentation by means of a seaweed bed and studies new methods of energy optimization by a Tri-generation project: the marc and stalk of the grape generate 6 million Kg. of waste a year which can produce electricity, calories and frigories. Recently, the prestigious magazine Drink Business acknowledged this effort with the “Green Company of the Year” award.

In 2009, the official UN agency RTCC (Responding to Climate Change) chose Miguel Torres as the leading sustainable company of the year.

In 2010 he receives the Recognition for his professional career: the prestigious German magazine, Meininger, has given him this award.

During these years, he has given several conferences on Climate Change, for example, in the AECOC Congress in Valladolid in 2007, during the Rioja Wine Future in 2009 ans most recently in the IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland.