Jeanine Pires

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Jeanine Pires has been the President of Embratur, the Brazilian Government institute responsible for the promotion and touristry marketing of Brazil in the international market, since June 2006.

Previously, Jeanine was director of the Business Tourism and Events Department. Here, she implemented the program which led to the country reaching 7th position in the ICCA ranking. She also has vast experience in the events sector and as President of Embratur was involved in the Government body/group that helped support Rio’s candidacy to host the 2016 Olympic Games.

Before reaching the position of Director, Jeanine gained experience in other private corporations in the business and events sector, these included The Convention Bureaux and the Brazilian Association of Hotels Industry of the Alagoas State.

Jeanine has a History degree and is a Professor at Federal University of Alagoas and a Post-graduate in Tourism Economy at Brasilia National University.